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This is the place you can buy unique mugs with art images from the ZEITGEIST91 NFT Collection presented on OpenSea.


Why does an NFT at ZEITGEIST91 cost 5000 ETH? Because we wanted to show even Billionaires like Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk can't buy anything they maybe would like to: They without any doubt have the financial power to purchse some of our NFTs - but as only the complete collection represents ZEITGEIST91, they won't. Why?

Because ZEITGEIST91 has now reached an NFT selling volume of > 1 bln. USD.

So our collection will remain visible for anyone at no cost here on OpenSea. But it wil remain unaffordable for those who think money rules the world completely.

ZEITGEIST91 is a political statement in pictures from a political era of the past - reflecting the change spirit of today.

The NFT shows a frozen moment in the 1990s shortly after German reunification.

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